Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Progress Update on our Litter D

In 2009, we proudly sponsored a litter of eight new Guide Dog recruits (Dixie, Digger, Duke, Daisy, Donna, Daphne, Danny and Dexter).

Toward the end of March, this 'D' litter will return to Guide Dogs Victoria where they will complete a one week temperament assessment.

All dogs are required to go through this process and are scored between 1 and 4 (like a school report card!) on different aspects such as their reaction to other dogs & cats, and whether they are distracted by food, noise and other common occurrences.

If they pass all aspects of this rigorous assessment process, they then move onto the next stage of their Guide Dog Training that takes 5 months. In case you're wondering, those pups that don't pass this assessment often go on to become Pets As Therapy Dogs or Companion Dogs.

Stay tuned for a further update on their progress!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We're saving up for our next litter of sponsored Guide Dog Puppies!

Please welcome the "M" Puppies, born in 2009 to the proud parents Cairo and Brindy.

In case your wondering, their names are Maggie, Marigold, Mandy, Mia, Marcus, Magnus, Major, Marty, Max and Mike.

Published Authors is not yet sponsoring this handful of aspiring Guide Dog Puppies just yet, but we hope to soon - with your help.

The Role of a Guide Dog Puppy

As fully trained professional Guide Dogs, these special puppies have the potential to bring companionship, freedom and independence to blind and vision impaired people.

While not all trainee Puppies make it as fully fledged seeing eye dogs, sometimes these puppies are better suited to a different role, such as a Companion Dog or Pets as Therapy Dog.

Why not head to www.facebook.com/guidedogsvictoria and become a fan for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the many puppies in training (and in play). It's a fun and simple way to see how all our support really can make a difference.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcome to Litter D

Posted 3 March 2009

Welcome to our eight new recruits, the ‘D’ litter, born on Nov 15, 2008.

Young pups Dixie, Digger, Duke, Daisy, Donna, Daphne, Danny and Dexter are four months old this month, and are looking forward to having their final vaccination and puppy class where they will receive their official Guide Dogs Victoria Puppy jacket.

Over the next 12 months these pups will be introduced to all the sights and sounds of the world to make sure they are not afraid or distracted. Then they will have a further six months of intensive training and assessment to prepare them for their important role as a Guide Dog.